The Society Times
July 2008
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Volume I, Issue VI
Funds Needed Immediately for Theater Restoration Work!
  The South Pittsburg Historic Preservation Society, Inc. is urging everyone interested in the historic preservation of the Princess Theatre and/or South Pittsburg to give what you can in an effort to help them raise the additional funds needed to cover and award a phase one contract for the interior construction of the historic theater.

    Carolyn Millhiser, Society secretary, said during their July 1st meeting that an additional $70,000 needs to be raised by August 16th to be able to award a $590,000 contract to the lowest bidder for phase one of interior work of the theater. This amount is in addition to the funds already raised along with a federal and state grant the society received, said Millhiser.

   According to Chairman Bob Hookey, the Society is eager to have the contract awarded to the lowest bidder and have the contractor begin work on the interior of the theater. August 16th is the dead-line for awarding the contract or else the whole process will have to be rebid. With building materials cost rising, waiting any longer by rebidding the project would likely bring in even higher bids. Another delay may jeopardize the $352,000 federal and $50,000 state grants, which themselves have dead-lines, he said.

    Hookey further stated that once phase one work is completed, the theater building, which was built around 1921, will be far enough along for events. “We know this project has been drawn out for several years and some folks may be becoming disillusioned by our endless attempts to raise money for the project and the time already invested,” he said. “However, rebuilding the theater is and has been our number one priority and raising the money needed takes time and the willingness of donors,” stated Hookey. He continued, “We are committed to completing the Princess Theatre project and giving this beautiful and historic structure back to the people of Marion County for their enjoyment.”

    Speaking for the Society, Millhiser thanks all who have contributed in the past and ask that all businesses, industries and citizens of South Pittsburg along with those in neighboring communities and those who have donated before to please give any amount of money you can and help complete the work on the Princess Theatre. This is not just a theater for South Pittsburg, but a theater for everyone in the tri-state area and every dollar counts, she said.  All contributions are tax deductable so please make your check or money order to the South Pittsburg Historic Preservation Society, Inc. and mail to the following address before August 10th:

South Pittsburg Historic Preservation Society, Inc.
Princess Theatre Fund
PO Box 175
South Pittsburg, TN

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Society at 423-837-8327, 423-837-8714 or by email at [email protected]

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