Ghost Towns of Marion County, Tennessee
Jackson County, Alabama & Dade County, Georgia  
South Pittsburg Historic Preservation Society
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Over the years since the first settlers arrived in this section of the country, numerous communities were born as these pioneers attempted to establish organized settlements in what some called hostile lands. Unfortunately, not all of these communities survived through the years. This was the same throughout this region including neighboring Alabama and Georgia.

In some cases these communities fell victim to the new railroad bypassing the town, which led to economic hardship and eventual abandonment of the town. In other cases, communities were established by the mining of coal and other natural resources only to be abandoned when the resources were depleted. This was the case with many communities founded near South Pittsburg around the turn of the nineteenth century.

Despite the reasons for the communities becoming ghost towns, each has a story that needs to be told. In an attempt to document these communities, we will be adding a write-up and pictures to this section of the web site so that visitors may learn more about these towns that are no more and forgotten. Please click on the links below to visit these ghost towns.