Chapel on the Hill - Restoration Progress Photographs I
The two photographs above were taken in the year 2000 just prior to the beginning of the restoration work on the old Primitive Baptist Church building located at the corner of Elm Avenue and Eighth Street. The South Pittsburg Historic Preservation Society, Inc. took up the challenge that year after ownership of the historic structure was transferred to the city. 
The photograph above was taken in February 2001 by the South Pittsburg Hustler and shows workmen nearing completion of removing the old roof and decking from the historic Chapel in preperation for a new roof. Pictured on the right is Society member, Bebe, Fuqua, who was looking skyward at the recently removed ceiling, which allowed natural light to enter the building from the roof for the first time since the roof and ceiling were rebuilt after a fire destroyed them in 1954. The picture was also taken by the South Pittsburg Hustler in February 2001. 
The photographs above were taken in April 2000 showing the poor condition of the plaster on the interior walls. This damage was the result of the roof leaking combined with moisture penetrating through the mortar joints of the sandstone walls.
Workmen are pictured above preparing to install the Chapel's new ceiling in July 2002. Note the height of the ceiling and the amount of scaffolding needed to complete the work. Also, note that the plaster on the interior walls has been patched and repainted.
Steve Ridley is pictured above scraping the old paint from the window frame above the door of the Chapel in September 2001. Photograph courtesy, South Pittsburg Hustler 
Workmen are pictured above nearing completion of installation of the Chapel's new ceiling in July 2002.

Pictured above in July 2002 is the newly completed ceiling in the Chapel on the Hill at South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Now on to the next project. Please see additional pictures on the next page.