Chapel on the Hill - Restoration Progress Photographs II
The two photographs above were taken in the December 2001 showing the new windows in the old Chapel. The building had been set up for its first public showing in the Society's very first Christmas Tour of Homes on December 8th of that year. 
The photograph above was also taken in the December 2002 showing the aisle leading to the pulpit in the old Chapel. The building had been set up for its second public showing in the Society's Christmas Tour of Homes on December 8th of that year. 
The restoration of the Chapel on the Hill was done so in hopes that it would generate its own maintenance funds through rentals to the public for weddings and other events. Before the completion of the restoration effort, the Chapel was rented for a wedding ceremony on October 1st. 2003. The photograph on the right was taken in December of 2003 showing the new blue carpet, which was donated by Shaw Industries Inc. in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.  

The two photographs above were taken on March 4, 2004. The one on the left shows the new sandstone Chapel stone sign laying in the front of the Chapel ready for erecting. The stone was donated by Sam Hunter and Jim Rogers donated time and vehicle for the transportation of the stone to and from the engraver. The picture on the right shows location where the stone will be placed.
The top left photograph was taken in the afternoon of Thursday, March 4, 2004 as Dennis Lambert begins to break ground for the footing for the new stone marker. Pictured left to right are: Lambert, Carolyn Millhiser, Doris Durham and Susan Mack. The upper right picture was made the following day after the stone had been set into a concrete footing. Employees of Rogers Funeral Home in South Pittsburg used a burial vault crane to position the stone into place. After being set and leveled, Lambert worked the concrete into place setting a permenant marker for the Chapel on the Hill. 

Above is a full view of the Chapel prior to the Birdwell wedding January 21, 2006.
Photograph by Dennis Lambert

In this photograph made by Bob Hookey on January 15, 2016, you can see the old chapel bell being removed through the roof by the City of South Pittsburg Street Department and Caps Roofing. The old bell, which had its rocking wheel burned off in the 1954 fire that destroyed the original Chapel roof and steepel, was removed at our Society's request so that we can restore it and build a stand for it.  We plan to dedicate it to a late member of our group who was instrumental in getting the chapel restored.  
This photograph was made by Dennis Lambert on January 21, 2016 and shows the new roof we had installed on the chapel after contracting with Caps Roofing to do the work. The previous roof was showing signs of aging and it was decided to replace it before it had a chance to start leaking.